London Bridge To Eiffel Tower

"Please let me know that I’m still means a lot to you" 

"It sucks to falling for a guy you know you’re not right for. Its hurts, isn’it? Even I told my self not to let him in because I don’t wanna take a risk to get hurt. But with him, all the pain seems worth it." 

"I shouldn’t be crying, but everytime I hear your name, its hurts me." 

"Tears will never erase the pain. But why do I cry now?" 

"I don’t wanna reach out, I don’t want you to come back, but please get this feelings out of my mind, I don’t want to being weak." 

"Darl, I can still feel your arms holding me, tight" 

"I never want to looking back through our memories. But to start a new life without you, just seems so hopeless." 

"Do you ever wonder about me since that day? Love is hurt, but I hope you’re good. I miss you, darling:’)" 

"I love you like a rabbit love it carrots. But do i wrong if i want to punch you in the face?" 

"Is it wrong if i cried over the past? I’ve known my weakness, but overthink about it, seems worth it." 

"Life taught me how to dance in the storm, its cold, terrific, tragic, but we just go with it. Have a deal with life, must be the hardest thing, ever." 

"I never want to follow my heart. I always forced myself to follow my mind. But recently I do realize, that they both will never take me to the real happiness" 





(Source: greendayeah, via yanilavigne)

"Say somethin’ I’m givin up on you. You’re the one that I love, and I’m saying goodbye." 

Bathub singer. Messy Hair. Laugh and Love alot. Lana del Rey.

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